From Pools
to Popcorn

The Story of Carroll's Corn

Founded in 1993 by former swim coach Pat Carroll, Carroll's Corn was started with a desire to bring new and local businesses to Rochester. Pat narrowed down his choices of business to either open a gourmet popcorn store, and a video store. You can obviously tell which option he chose and here we are today!


Team of Popcorn Makers

Throughout the years, a number of people have been a part of the Carroll's Corn team, finding joy in popping and serving a number of amazing customers.

Finding Joy

In Serving Our Community

Carroll's Corn Through the Years...

A new generation

Continuing the Legacy

Continuing Growth

In the Midst of Change

For many 2020, brought a lot of hardship, Carroll's Corn included. It also taught us to adapt and try options like local delivery, new longer lasting bags, and partnering with local businesses. We're excited to continue selling at those local businesses.